Tamna Air is creating a new paradigm of the airline industry

탐라에어가 항공업계의 새로운 축을 만들어 갑니다.



Tamna Air is expanding its business to carriers and partners, jobs and consumption which are created in the relevant business, trade and tourism which are caused from all investors and guests to invest in the aviation industry, even connectivity between countries to enable these flows, inter-city network
탐라에어는 항공사와 협력사, 유관 사업에서 창출되는 일자리 및 소비, 항공산업에 투자하는 모든 투자자들과 이용객들에게서 유발되는 무역 및 관광, 이러한 흐름을 가능하게 하는 국가간, 도시간 네트워크의 연결성 까지도 사업영역으로 확장해 나가고 있습니다.


* Permission for Operation by Korean Government Agency and Local Aviation Administration
* Branch and Operator Management
* Passenger/Cargo Service Executive
* Application and authorization for operation-related work

Specialized training for human resource development

* Business alliance with Hanseo University's Aviation Operations Department / Flight Training Institute
* Education on aviation laws, aerodynamics, aircraft, aircraft pipes, and aviation equipment
* Education for the acquisition of FAA Part61, FAA Part121 licenses
* Education for the acquisition of private pilot license licenses


* Operation of 4-seater leisure light-chartered flights with water propellers
* Operation of 6-seater light-chartered flight with propellers
* Operation of 50-seater light-chartered flight for domestic routes



Tamna Air provides branch management, passenger check-in and baggage service support, travel document verification, passenger boarding assistance service, load control, rapid emergency response and passenger grievance handling, as well as flight operations to support travelers' journey from departure to arrival. We do not make any compromises on the safety of the most important passengers, such as applying for securing all necessary permits and licenses, negotiating, and securing slots and airport facilities, and performing security checks from time to time, providing high-quality transport service.


Tamna Air is striving to provide the best logistics service, offering freight rates estimates for air imported cargo, preparation of export documents (Invoice, Packing List, C/D, Etc.), cargo packaging and storage, customs clearance through the customs broker, overseas cargo insurance service, cargo aircraft reservations. We are responsible for the transportation of high-priced goods without the burden of freight for the sales of urgent cargo and products.

Charter Flight &
VIP ceremony

Tamna Air is in charge of determining the departure date and time of a flight on a specific route, finding routes, rescheduling, and handling flights and protocols to maximize the use of valuable time for VIP customers who believe that an hour is enormous, and only a few hours change the company. We are trying to provide the best service so that we can focus on personal affairs such as reception at the airport, identification of movement lines, schedule check, event progress, guidance, supporters, etc.
탐라에어는 한 시간의 가치가 엄청나며, 단 몇 시간이 기업을 바꾼다고 여기는 
VIP고객의 소중한 시간 활용을 극대화 할 수 있도록 특정 노선의 항공편 출발일과 시간 결정, 경로 탐색, 일정 조정 및 항공편 핸들링 및 의전 전담 직원 배정으로 
VIP 정보 파악 후 공항에서부터 영접, 동선 파악, 일정 체크, 행사 진행, 안내, 서포터 등 개인 집무에만 집중할 수 있게끔 최상의 서비스를 제공하기 위해 노력하고 있습니다.

Sales & Marketing

Tamna Air’s annual transportation performance increased 6% year-on-year due to strong demand from both Korea and overseas and the increase in travel demand caused by changes in consumption trends. We are attracting demand to actively supply routes with strong demand by identifying market demand in advance through flexible route operation and active irregular operations.

Airline Pilot

Tamna Air runs a specialization process establishing training centers to increase competitiveness in the practical environment of the aerospace industry, which is most popular in the future, and invites experts from each aviation operation department to acquire a small aircraft operation license through education, field sensation, and practical experience.
(1) PPP Phase 1-6 (Collaboration with Asiana Airlines and Air Busan)
(2) APP Phase 1-4 (Cultivation of Korean Air DeputyCaptains)
(3) UPP (Cultivation of low-cost airline captains)