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Compliance with International Air Travel Association (IATA) regulations

Since its inception in 2016, Tamna Air has provided administrative approval procedures, negotiations, treaties, and administrative approval procedures required by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and related agencies and departments, needed for passenger and cargo transportation business in Korea for airlines by the regulations of the International Air Travel Association (IATA). Air service work is in progress based on the adjustment work.

Provision of various services necessary for air navigation

According to the terms and conditions, we are providing sales, marketing, and public relations activities, store management, airport branch management, passenger service according to the terms of carriage, ramp service, load control, crew handling, cargo service, GHA management, as well as official documents and security supervision required for air operations.

Tamna Air Makes Creation for the New Axis

Tamna Air is constantly generating a wind of change to become a new axis in the aviation industry.
The CI of TAMNA AIR is a logo representing "Tamna Air Makes Creation for the New Axis", and contains Tamna Air's vision to set a new standard for the aviation industry.

Aircraft operation license training

Private Pilot, Commercial Certification, Airline Transport Pilot, etc., in connection with the department of Aeronautics and Aviation at a domestic university to acquire civil flight licenses, etc. Building.

Small aircraft-based tourism industry

We are planning measures to revitalize the tourism and aviation industry by inducing tourism demand to areas where only shipping and helicopter transport is possible, such as four-seater propeller, six-seater floating propeller, private charter and 50-seater small aircraft domestic routes.

VIP protocol, support for various events

We are carrying out various tasks as well as air transportation through various events and protocols such as support for Chinese Civil Aviation Administration executives' visit to Korea event, support for friendship golf event of Asian businessmen, and support for the schedule of the airline's CEO visit to Korea.