Introducing our core values

탐라에어 임직원이 추구하는 핵심가치를 소개합니다


Without complacency, we challenge new possibilities and achieve the goal with 'Can do it' mind passion and creative thinking.

Tamna Air will continue to challenge with an active and passionate attitude and attitude around the world, and all employees will do their best to grow into a company that provides excellent air navigation services through change and innovation. To keep pace with the rapid growth of the aviation industry in the 21st century, we are also conducting various aviation leisure projects such as aircraft license training, four-seater water propellers, and six-seater propellers. Also, we offer differentiated aviation services through chartered flights and small aircraft businesses that serve special people.


We create synergy by sharing a sense of community through mutual communication and cooperation with our partners and many interest parties.

Since its launch in 2016, Tamna Air has been becoming the world's leading air transport agency (GSA) in various fields, including not only cargo transportation, but also marketing, sales, VIP protocol, and support for various events. Tamna Air is doing its best to grow into a company that offers outstanding air navigation services. Tamna Air is a GSA that is trying to grow into a company that provides excellent air navigation services. We put the safety of the people first, communicate with various stakeholders, and cooperate to contribute to the creation of social values. Also, we will pursue the overall optimization by taking a creative approach with consideration and proper problem consciousness.


The future of our organization depends on the determination and competence of each member, and we are striving to create a corporate culture for self-improvement and talent respect.

Based on the belief that 'a company is a person', we value talented people and create an opportunity for them to show their abilities to their fullest, securing and nurturing talented people to grow together. All Tamna Air executives and employees have their vision that meets the organizational goals, develops themselves to become the best and creates synergy by sharing knowledge.


Respecting the diversity of culture and practice, it aims for the best in all fields and becomes respected individuals and organization as global corporate citizens.

Globalization of travel culture is realized by leading the market according to customer needs. We will also strive to become a trusted business partner based on open thinking and continuous innovation and become a public institution that contributes to improving people's quality of life.